How Reflective Clothing Can Help You Live Longer And Stay Safe

How Reflective Clothing Can Help You Live Longer And Stay Safe - AIWOIT Sporting Goods
How Reflective Clothing Can Help You Live Longer And Stay Safe

Wasn’t it interesting that you have a much better chance of being hit by a car when you are a pedestrian, jogger, or biker at certain times of the day? When it comes to pedestrian accidents, 75% happen at dawn, dusk, or night. Wearing reflective clothing is therefore critical at these times.

When drivers can’t see you, you are at a much greater risk of getting hurt or even dying. Read on to find out how reflective clothes can help you avoid becoming a bad person in the world.

What is better for bright clothes and reflective gear?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a bike, walking, or jogging. The right kind of safety clothing can differentiate between being seen and getting hurt. At night and in the dark, drivers may not be able to see you if you don’t have reflective clothing on. The risk of being hit by a car increases four times at night.

However, some accidents happen during the day, especially in places that are hard to see, like tunnels. Even if it’s just a safety shirt, a light reflective jacket, or other reflective clothes, you’ll have more peace of mind and be safer if you buy a safe wardrobe.

These brightly colored clothes work best when they are paired with reflective materials. Some people choose to wear brightly colored clothes alone. They are easier for drivers to see both day and night, so they are better.

That’s what the research says.

This might shock you. Bright colors alone don’t work at night.
Why? It has to do with simple physics.

Some people think fluorescent colors are bright in the daytime because they block out many UV lights that the sun gives off. Fluorescent colors do not make a noticeable difference in dark conditions due to street lights and headlights not emitting much UV light. But don’t throw out your neon clothes just yet.

Fluorescent colors work well in the daytime, and reflective strips on the same clothes work well at night. So, adding reflective tape to your bright clothes is the best way to get the most out of them.

Drivers only saw two percent of the time cyclists in black clothes. This is according to a study done in 2010.

Cyclists wearing reflective vests were seen by drivers 15% of the time. But 90% of the time, they saw cyclists wearing a reflective vest, knee and ankle reflectors, and other safety gear.

Making the right clothing choice can make a big difference when time is short. The best way to see pedestrians and bikers before they hit them is to wear reflective clothing and tape on their arms and legs.

Remember that not only do drivers need to “see” you, but they also need to know right away that you’re a person, not just a shiny spot. Reflective tape should be added to the four parts of your body that move. This way, their eyes have the best chance of seeing you right away.

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How reflective clothing works.

It is called high-visibility or HV clothing if the clothes are reflective. Their use in industries such as construction has been going on for a very long time now. People who work on construction sites wear HV vests.
They are also worn by:

  • Street work crews do surveys
  • Street and school crossing guards
  • Firefighters and a lot more

But these vests aren’t just good for these people. They can also be good for other people. People who bike, walk, or run on the road can stay safe with the help of HV vests and other gear.

People can see them better when they wear them. It also gives the wearer a better sense of what is happening around them. These things are very important when you’re exercising (and trying to stay alive) on the roads.

To ensure you get the best safety gear for your activities, start with a well-known company. From vests to hats to sleeveless t-shirts, many great products are versatile and safe. Once you’ve found what you want, but a lot of them are on so that drivers can see you from a safe distance and avoid a crash.

Other Ways To Look Reflective.

There are more and more cars on the road every year, and there is always a lot of traffic. So, cyclists, pedestrians, and joggers need to take every possible safety measure before going out. But what if you’re not a fan of wearing reflective clothes at all?

You can choose from more options. Some people like to wear reflective things. These go on their wrists and ankles, giving them a more ominous look to drivers who see them.

Because bikers use their arms to show where they are going, wrist accessories can be very useful when visibility is low. Bikers may also want to buy reflective items for their hands so that drivers can see their direction signs.

You need reflective safety gear because you need to be seen.

Safety should always come first, whether you’re going for a walk, run, or bike ride. It’s easy to think that you’ll be able to get out of the way if there’s a collision coming. People think they can react quickly enough, but they don’t know how fast a car can go or how quickly they can move in response.

Wear bright clothes instead of dark clothes, put on a vest made of HI-V material, and put reflectors on your arms and legs instead. You may think this is a lot of work, but it’s not. It might save your life.

At high speeds, drivers often have only a few seconds to make a move. In this case, the sooner their brain tells them that they’re looking at a moving person, the faster they can move to avoid a crash.

It works when you wear clothes that reflect light.

Reflective gear might not be your favorite thing to wear, but the bottom line is that it’s important. 🙂 You may not like the way you look, but at least you’ll be alive to make it.

The car always wins in a fight between a car and a person. Wear safety gear in bright colors (for daytime) and reflective HV material and accessories to keep you and other people safe (for nighttime). To avoid getting into the contest in the first place, you should not enter it at all.

Want to learn more about reflective clothing or other outdoor gear for your next trip? At Imperial Motion, we’re all about having fun, and we’re always changing and adding new things. Whether you’re looking for reflective clothes that look good and keep you safe, we have what you need.

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