LED Reflective Vest for Running and Cycling


  • Made of high-quality materials.
  • Features skin-friendly, comfortable, and adjustable.
  • 360° high brightness reflective protects safety.
  • 3 lighting modes, fast flash, slow flash, continuous light.
AIWOIT light up vest for night walking

AIWOIT reflective running vest is very useful for people who exercise at night (running, biking, etc.) because it helps to improve visibility and minimize risks. This is also ideal for performing other night activities more safely.


Outdoor activity LED reflective safety vests provide you with powerful front lights, safety warning rear lights, and 360-degree visibility, which is different from other products on the market.

AIWOIT lighted vest for walking in the dark
AIWOIT LED reflectors for walking at night
  • 360-degree reflective material, no blind angle when lighting by car headlight, protect the safety of users.
  • 4 white LED lights at the front and 4 red LED lights at back.
  • Unisex, suitable for men, women, and children.
  • LED has a hard-shaped lampshade, waterproofs, protecting the lamp from damage.
  • High brightness LED, front and back independent dual control switch, press switch. 3 lighting modes, fast flash, slow flash, continuous light.
  • Elastic band vest, fit your body well, great for outdoor night sport.
  • Color: White / Green
  • Material: Reflective lattice + 3.8cm width elastic band
  • Vest Length: Approx 11~21 in
  • Waistline: Approx 20~38 in
  • Reflective material: highlights reflective microbeads
  • Reflection distance: visible 200 meters away from the car headlights.
  • Battery: CR2023 (1 in front and 1 in back)
  • LED light: front 4 white LED, back 4 red LED
AIWOIT running light vest for runners
AIWOIT reflective walking gear
Lightweight & Adjustable
Lightweight and multifunctional, four adjustment straps and elastic bands can be adjusted according to your waist size.
AIWOIT running safety lights
Easy to Clean

The battery can be disassembled to prevent damage from water if you want to clean the reflective vest. It’s very easy to do.

AIWOIT led reflective vest
Ultra-bright Reflective

With super bright warning reflective tape, you can easily avoid danger at night.

AIWOIT reflective running vest biking accessories
High-quality Materials

Made of high-quality reflective elastic bands and long-life high-brightness LED lights.

AIWOIT light for running in the dark
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